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We were ready to go, but he said to stay, and now we’re moving? Yep.

When we decided to go with our local seminary, it wasn’t actually all up to us. It is a small seminary and they only take 18 new students per year, (another perk we liked). So, we had to apply and be accepted. Yes, it was we. Even I had to fill out a questionnaire. That happened in November and we would not find out until February or March if  we were accepted.

We decided to move forward in faith, that this is where God was leading us. If this is where my husband would be going to school for the next 4 years, it would be the first time in our life that we knew we would be staying put, for more than 1-2 years. That meant that after 16 years of renting and moving nearly every year, we could finally buy a house and have our own home!

The other reason we were going to buy a home, is because we knew with my husband going to school, he would only be working part time. Our costs had to decrease significantly. We loved our suburban townhome that we lived in and had amazing neighbors. Our income would not be able to handle the renting expense, when a mortgage payment could be considerably cheaper.

Walking in faith, we started searching for a new home. We searched, and searched, and searched…and searched some more. We looked at around 50 houses. It…was…exhausting. I was ready to quit, but we had to finish and find cheaper living.

While we were searching, I pondered and prayed about safety in the neighborhoods we were looking at.

We found a few houses that were suitable and put offers on. We put an offer on one, then a second, then a third. Finally, the third one stuck.

So, after the weeks of looking, we were finally done looking. The the fears and doubts started creeping in. What if we get this house and don’t get accepted into the seminary program? See what happens in my next post, Only God.


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