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Only God

Thanks for sticking with me this far. If you haven’t read my previous posts, you can catch up by seeing how we were Ready to Go, Staying, and Moving.

Only God. That can really explain anything, right? He is why I breathe. He is why my brain can tell my fingers to move a certain way and these letters magically make words and sentences right in front of your face. There are also times in life where these little miracles that happen every moment pale in comparison to the divine plan that He has devised.

It was February 28. My townhouse was 99.9% packed. The moving truck was held. The help to move was enlisted and all we had to do was sign the papers to move into our house. We were signing papers to buy a house, a house that we would OWN! We were signing papers for the biggest loan we had ever taken. A great big step in our life was happening.

And we still didn’t know if we were accepted into the seminary program.

Well, here goes nothing, or everything.

We signed on all the dotted lines, crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s. The keys were handed over.

We were home owners. We were home owners!!!

So, we brought our first little load over and went to get the pre-move in cleaning done. We also picked up the kids, got locks changed and found out Dominos doesn’t deliver, but Pizza Hut does (it just takes a couple hours).

Then in the middle of the afternoon, while I was cleaning and enjoying the immense sunshine coming in from windows (I know this sentence is already long, but I have to butt in and say I finally had windows on every side of my house! After living in townhouse for the past 7 years, it was such a blessing!) the phone rang. This is kind of a miracle in itself, because our phone service is terrible in this house, but it rang. My husband answered it. It was the seminary calling to say, you are accepted.

We bought our first house and got accepted into seminary on the same day.

Only God, could orchestrate this. He is faithful. We just need to be obedient and follow his lead, even when we feel a bit blind, because He is the light.

One thought on “Only God

  1. I’ve been reading your updates since you started posting again, Paula, and it’s amazing to see how God is working in your family! He is faithful. He is awesome. He does give to us according to His will and in His time.

    Keep sharing! 🙂


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