Making Another Comeback

img_2888*dusting off keys*

Hi. *pleasant sigh*

It is really nice to see you again.

Last fall, I was hoping to get more regular with my blogging. I thought, with my kids in a brick and mortar school and me working part time, I might have more time to spend here. Twas not so.

I quickly realized how busy a mom can be when she starts working outside the home, drives kids to school, tries to be a supportive wife to a rarely seen husband (read full time seminary student-part time work), and thinks about how to keep up with housework, while rarely being at home. That is just the first half of my life-year that you missed.

The second half includes taking my kids out of the brick and mortar school, placing them in public school online at home, quitting my library job, MANY doctors appointments and hospital stays with one of our kids, getting accustomed to our neighborhood, and trying to keep with rest of life, despite the craziness.

I hope to unpack bits of this crazy past year here, eventually, along with updating you on even more changes in the here and now. I have missed blogging. I missed writing for fun and the community of online readers and bloggers that I had. I am ready to jump…wait, maybe not jump, …maybe more like tip-toe back in.

I also am working on some updates to the look and what I’m all about, because I am no longer that homeschooling, bread baking, running woman I once was. I still do a little bit of those, but like I said a lot has changed.


It’s good to be back and I look forward to meeting here with you more regularly.

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