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Introduction to Blessing a Burdened Family


In January of this year, my son was diagnosed with cancer. It turned our world upside down and all of a sudden we were living day to day. Because of the aggressiveness of the cancer, we had to get treatments started right away. Every week from January 1 through the end of July, we had multiple doctor appointments and every 3 weeks were 3 days overnight at the hospital. We couldn’t plan ahead too much, we just had to take one day at a time because of the stress of it all and being flexible to what might change.

We would not have survived with out our hope in God and the way he used the community around us to bless us. It was such an encouragement and blessing during the time of high stress, to know that we had MANY people praying for us, a phone call away for childcare, or a meal. Most of the time, we didn’t even have to make that call, people just showed up and took care of our needs. I am getting tears in my eyes just thinking about how God blessed us through these friends.

Our son is cancer free now! Praise God! Now I have to reflect back on that time and honestly it is hard and I feel pretty broken. God is helping me by reminding me of all I have to give thanks for, so I look forward to sharing that with you in the next 30 days of this month, by sharing how we were blessed as a burdened family. Different burdens sometimes require special care, so these posts will be general ways to help, but I promise they will make  a big difference.

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