Bless a Burdened Family by Sharing Your Experience


Whatever your burden is, the moment it hits, you can feel very alone. In some instances, you can’t think of anyone else who is in that same boat and you feel a little helpless. That’s how I felt when our son was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t have any friends who had kids with cancer. It’s not super common, but more common than I would ever wish it to be.

But God, He directed us to friends of friends, who had been down the cancer road with their kids. It’s an odd companionship being linked to someone because of a burden you experience. I hated that our kids had cancer, but I was so thankful to not be alone, to have someone to ask questions of. The path is a little easier when someone has traveled it before you or you have someone walking along side you.

No burden is the same. Even though I met moms who’s kids had similar cancers, they were located in different parts of their bodies and treated differently. Even outcomes can be different, but now we are bonded probably for life, because of our similar experience.

I, honestly, wish I didn’t have this experience to share with anyone, but I do believe God will redeem it and use it for good someday. Maybe these posts are one of those ways.


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