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Blessing a Burdened Family with Food

31-days-2One thing every human being has in common is that we all need to eat. I don’t know about you but I am terrible at having meals planned. It’s 5 p.m. and the kids say they’re hungry and I try to come up with something that isn’t pizza again. Or I might have a plan and then realize at the last minute I am missing a key ingredient.

Imagine dealing with a huge burden and having to come up with a simple dinner plan. It can actually be debilitating and cause more stress. Some might not even have the ability to get up and cook because of health issues. Some families don’t have time because they are either running to too many appointments or aren’t even home. Other families may struggle to even have the finances to even purchase food.

Bringing food to someone can be such a relief to a burdened family’s mind and schedule. One less thing to worry about. It gives you the opportunity to possibly see them face to face, share truth, or pray with them. It also gives their family the nourishment that they need.  Bringing them a ready made meal, will save them the time and energy it takes to prep a meal. It might also give them the opportunity to sit and eat as a family.

This week I will be expounding on ways we were blessed with food in the following ways:

I hope you are finding 31 days of Blessing a Burdened Family helpful!





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