Help a Burdened Family with House Maintenance

31-days-2Burdens can come in different forms, last for a short time or can be life changing. They can be something you are aware of coming on, or an all of a sudden experience. That’s why all of these 31 ways to help are going to be different for every family.

As a homeowner, house upkeep is your responsibility, not only to maintain the property but to help you live comfortably and safely. If a family has a burden that takes a lot of their time or is ongoing for a long time, they may need some assistance with house maintenance. Because we all have different gifts and talents, this may be an area that you would be better a blessing them.

Current Project. There may be a project they were working on that got left, because they had to focus on the burdens of their family. Maybe you can pick up where they left off and finish it up for them.

Seasonal Projects. If a burden is longer than a season, there may be certain weatherizing that needs to be done to a home, to help better care for it. The family may not have time to take those on, but it is something you can take the time to work on for them.

New Project. Whether this is just something they’ve wanted done or some changes they need done because of new circumstances. Having someone with knowledge take on a new project that will help the family, will be a big blessing. Knowing that someone with experience and training can take on a new project will lighten the stress and decision making for an already burdened family.

Being a homeowner and experiencing a burden both come with unknowns. When home problems are taken care of right away, you can save a family from further stress in the future. Having help from someone who is gifted with home maintenance can be such a blessing to a burdened family.


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