100 Days of School!

Last week I was browsing the blogs in my blog reader and came across What the Teacher Wants on the  weekend links from the Homeschool Classroom. It had all kinds of fun tips for teachers and parents. I need all the help I can get since I don’t have much creativeness in me, so I kept browsing on it.

I came across 100th day of school printables for free. Yeah! My kids had wanted to celebrate our 100th day of school, so I printed it out. Then I decided to look over how many days we had until our 100th day, much to my surprise it was our 100th day exactly.

I decided to look over what I had printed and get some ideas together quick.  Then I had to get school started.  I decided not to tell the kids, since I had school all planned out, and wait until the afternoon to celebrate.  After school was done I told them and they were very excited, even though they really had no idea what we would be doing.

Most of these ideas were from the above website, but I was able to come up with a couple on my own.

100 items-I had each child find an item that they could count a 100 of to show the rest of us. Abby had 100 perler beads

100 yr old picture-I had them each draw a picture of what they thought they would look like when there 100 years old.

100 activites-We all took turns choosing an activity to do 10 times until we had done 100. Lydia picked body bridges.

100 snacks-This was the kids favorite. I had 10 jars full of snacks and they got to pick 10 items from each jar and place it in their snack bag.

100 dice game– This game was fun for us.  We had one dice that we took turns rolling. We each kept score with our own tally sheet. Lydia won by ending at exactly 100.

100 piece lego structure-I had the kids count out 100 legos each and didn’t tell them what it was for. I had them each take their blocks and create something out of it. It was really fun to see what they could come up with.

Do your kids celebrate the 100th day of school? What other ideas could I incorporate next year? (Maybe I’ll actually plan ahead.)

10 thoughts on “100 Days of School!

  1. Your posts have become a favorite of mine and something I look forward to each day. You are teaching your children invaluable lessons and they are receiving such a wonderful gift by being homeschooled. Keep doing what you do, I learn something every time I read your blog and am able to incorporate something valuable with my own children. Thank you.


  2. I feel like such a slack homeschool mom- 3 years now and I have ALWAYS missed the 100th day of school! But I absolutely love your ideas – they are great!

    and congrats – on YOUR 100th day! Thanks for linking this up to The HSV !!

    Stef @ THE HSV


  3. Those are great ideas for celebrating the 100th day of school—something I’ve never done with my girls. Next year will be our fifth year of homeschooling. Maybe I should make celebrating the 100th day a goal for 2011-12!



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