Thrifty Thursday :: Sell

 Photo by LOLren

This post isn’t so much about saving money, but more about making money.  Many of us have an abundance of stuff. Some of this stuff has some value. There are many venues to choose from to sell your treasures.

Garage Sales
Jonathan and I have had our share of garage sales, but this year we decided to take a year off. With our move this spring we decided not move all our junk.  We decided to let someone else deal with it. We donated some to a friends garage sale and also brought a load to the thrift store.

When we decided to attack our debt, we looked for spare money. We knew we didn’t have any actual cash laying around, but we did have items that could get us some. I had a few homeschool items that we were finished with. I really didn’t know if I could get anything out of them because I bought most of them used. I ended up making back every penny I spent on them.

Word of Mouth
As we looked for things to sell, the first thing I knew was expendable was my iPad. I use it all the time, but I do have other capabilities of technology. It also makes us a good chunk of change. We told everyone we knew that we were getting rid of it. Finally, it got to the right person’s ear and Sold!

Social Media
Jonathan also found and old internet router laying around. The first place he posted it was Facebook and Twitter. Sold within an hour.

Last spring we sold our smart phones. The data plan was killing us. So now we have dumb phones, which is not as fun, but a lot cheaper.

Next on the list, our second car.

What can you sell to pay off your debt faster?

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