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Journey to a Healthier Me : Motivation #2

Last week I told you the first thing that got me moving to a healthier me was my BMI bordering on obesity.

My second motivation is my kids. These three little people that I am with 24/7 who are continually watching me and many times mimicking me. It is not hard for them to see that I’m unhealthy. They see that I don’t exercise. They see what I eat. They know that momma is a little better to cuddle with because she’s softer.

Kid’s are unabashedly honest. They tell me I’m fat, no mincing words about it. It hurts my feelings a little, but I know there not trying to be mean. They are just stating the facts. I want to be a person that they want to be. If I am unhealthy I don’t want them to be that, and they don’t either.

Since I have started working at being healthier, it has been amazing to see the affects it has on my kids. The see me exercising in the morning when they wake up. Suddenly they want to get an exercise DVD so they can do it too.

Many times before I would tell them they couldn’t have what I’m having–pop, extra candy, another cookie. Now neither of us have it.

They are proud of my accomplishments and my little cheerleaders.

My weigh in this week: 172.5

How much I’ve lost this week: 0

How much I’ve lost since the beginning  of this year: 11.5

I am a little disappointed with a zero weight loss, but I knew I could have done better with my portion sizes, snacking, and water intake.

To end this post on a positive note here are two things I did do well this week:

  1. I got some sort of exercise every day this week.
  2. I ate more salads.

What’s one thing you’ve done this week to promote a healthier body?

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