Guest Posting at The Unlikely Homeschool

Today I’m posting at one of my new favorite blogs, The Unlikely Homeschool.
The Unlikely Homeschool

Summer is a great time. It is full of sunny days, days at the beach, vacations, and no school. It is good for your kids, and you the teacher, to take a break. The school work may have stopped, but as a homeschool mom you know the learning never stops. Summer is no exception.

How can you take a break this summer, yet be proactive for the rest of the year?

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If you are visiting here from The Unlikely Homeschool, then welcome! My name is Paula, a.k.a. the Average Housewife. This is my little corner of the blogosphere where you see a glimpse of my homeschool, cooking, cleaning, healthy living, faith, and family. Feel free to browse around, comment, and subscribe!

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