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Journey to a Healthier Me: A Runner’s Thoughts

You see them every day- walking, running, rollerblading by your car. They are getting fit. They must be enjoying what they’re doing, right? Right. What’s really going on in their heads?

Thoughts before I go out…
I don’t want to run in the morning.
I’m going to bed late there’s no way I can get up early to exercise.
I’m looking forward to the run in the morning.
The alarm goes off. Do I really have to get up?
It’s the perfect morning for a run.
I should have woke up earlier, it’s way too hot to run now.

While I’m out exercising…
This feels great, my body’s looking good, I could keep this up for a while.
I don’t  know if I can make it the first five minutes, let alone twenty!
Oh, there’s only ten minutes left, I guess I can handle it.
There is no way I’m making it through this run, God, please help me. Give me endurance and strength. (This thought is most common in my mind.)

When I’ve finished…
I’ve finished that feels great.
Thank the Lord that’s done!
Now I’m ready to take on the day!
That was exhausting!
That was totally worth it, I’m glad I got up for it.

As you can see, even when exercise is in your regular routine, it’s still a daily struggle. Every day I’m fighting my own little battle in my head. That’s why I think it’s so important to cheer each other on. So, next time you see a status update of someone’s exercise they just finished give them a cheer!

What goes through your head when you exercise?

This week we are away on vacation. I am taking a break from my usual couch to 5k training, because I figured I would get enough natural exercise. I also didn’t carry my scale along, so you’ll just have to wait until next week to see my progress.

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