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Keeping Healthy When You’re Away From Home

This past week we were traveling. Being away from home always seems to put a curveball on diet and exercise. You are suddenly surrounded by all the high calorie options that you try to keep out of your home. You are more likely to fall off your exercise routine when you’re in different surroundings.

Here are some ways you can overcome the struggles you might come across as you are away from home.

  1. Bring your water bottle. Water is free and it’s everywhere, besides that, it is really good for you. Make sure you bring your water bottle and keep it filled up. Then you can keep you body hydrated and aren’t tempted to drink something less healthy.
  2. Bring your own snacks. When you’re traveling you are bound to want to snack. Plan ahead and pack yourself some veggies, fruits, or high protein snacks. They will be better than anything you find at the convenience store, not to mention cheaper.
  3. Meals. If you can bring a meal in a cooler on your trip, that would be best. You will know exactly what you’re eating. If you do need to go out make sure you look at the nutrition information. Many restaurants have calories printed right in their menu, which makes it a little easier. If you do order a higher calorie meal decide to eat half of it.
  4. Exercise. Many hotels offer exercise equipment for you to use. You just need to decide to use it. You can always go for a walk or run on the open road, if there is no equipment available where you are.
  5. Plan. All of these will be easier to accomplish if you have a plan. Plan what or where you will eat. Make a plan for how you will get your exercise in, while you are away. As the saying goes, “A fail to plan, is a plan to fail.”

The turtle mocha with the candy sprinkled on top, sure looks good, but is it worth it? Remember the work you have done and are doing to be healthy. Remember your goals. Ultimately this all comes down to choices. I encourage you to choose the healthier choice.

Weight last week: 154.5 pounds

Weight this week: 152.5 pounds

Total weight lost this year: 31.5 pounds

Do you have any more tips for keeping healthy away from home?

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