Play Dough is Your Friend

I used to despise play dough.

It comes in small containers that the play dough refuses to leave.

Little play dough pieces get all over the floor and chairs.

It gets stuck under your nails.

The kids get it all over their clothes.

It dries out fast, thus unusable.

We used to have 5 bazillion different colors and I had a problem letting the kids playing with more than one color at a time. We wouldn’t want them to get the colors mixed!


Now I think of it more like a friend. It usually keeps the kids busy for around 30 minutes. In the meantime, I can get the whole kitchen clean without them asking me a question or me having to settle an argument every other minute.

I have since learned to make my own cheaper, softer, long lasting dough. All the same color, and there is enough for everybody. (I have become a little more lax on the colors mixing, as you can see from the pictures.)

The clean up isn’t as bad either, especially if you let those little pieces dry up a little. So, if you need a little time to get something done (I suggest in the kitchen) and want to give your kids something “special” to do. Try play dough, it may be your new friend too.

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