Five weeks ago I decided to be proactive.  I decided to learn to run.  I have wanted to for a while but I guess it’s always been one of those fleeting thoughts. So, I searched for an iphone app that was a trainer and found get running, a couch to 5k running program. Perfect.  All I basically did for exercise was couch sitting and 5k is a good goal.

I run 3 times a week.  Each run starts with a 5 minute walk to warm up and 5 minute walk to cool down.  My first week I started out in intervals of running 1 minute and walking 1 1/2 minutes.  This week I am up to running 3 and 5 minutes and walking 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 minutes.  I am half way through the program.  PROGRESS!!!  Most runs I feel like I am barely making it through, but I AM making it.  (When I say run I am using the term very loosely.  It’s more like an extremely slow jog.)

In my next week the plan is to run 20 min straight.  It sounds totally crazy but I have made it this far, praying the whole way, and will continue to do so.

I am really enjoying this.  I get up before everyone else, which used to never happen.  I am getting exercise, which very rarely happens.  My body is in better shape.  I can chase the kids and not get tired so fast.  I am on my way to achieving a goal.

Lord willing, my goal is to finish this program and get my pace up to run a 5k at the end of the summer.

7 thoughts on “Running

  1. Paula,
    I’m impressed! I’ve been wanting to take up running for a while too. It seems like a good stress reliever and definitely good exercise.


    1. Thanks, Christy! The couch to 5k is a great program to start with in my opinion. Part of the reason I started was that I was hoping it would help with my mood and I think it has.


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