Joining the Christmas Rush

It’s Christmas Eve eve (or some might say Christmas Adam) and today I am living out the Average Housewife title. I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet. Gasp! That means today is the day.

I have procrastinated to this last moment because we weren’t sure what we would allow ourselves to spend with our tight budget. We made some decisions about a month ago and wrote a letter to our exteneded family saying we wouldn’t be participating in our regular gift giving this year. That relieved a lot of pressure and our family was very gracious about it.

So, last night Jonathan and I finally sat down to talk about what we could do. We decided to spend 1/3 of what we usually do on the kids. We made our lists and checked them twice. First on the list today is our Christmas donut. Then we’re off to mad crowd of Christmas shoppers.

What are you doing in these last moments before Christmas?

4 thoughts on “Joining the Christmas Rush

  1. Our 4 year old grand-daughter is in love with unicorns – perhaps because I taught her that old song about Noah’s ark – you know, the one whose chorus is “He found 2 alligators and long necked geese, humpy bumpy camels and chimpanzees etc.” Noah was not to find any unicorns. Well, neither could we find one for her Christmas gift. So, today my husband and I will be making a hobby horse from a broomstick handle, wood, miscellaneous fur, wool, buttons (all things we had in the house) along with creating the horn of a unicorn. We will enjoy this time together as we create her gift, but more than that, we will delight in singing this song again at Christmas while she rides her unicorn around the house.


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