Thank You Cards

In a world that tells us we deserve better. I want to remind my kids what we don’t. I want my kids to remember that all we’re given, it’s all grace, a gift. That’s why it’s important to me that they send thank you cards. I like to have them make their own because it’s more personal and I think more meaningful to them and the recipient.

Here’s how it’s done at our house.

  1. List : I write a list to remind them who gave them what.
  2. Supplies : I always put out the various supplies that we have – card stock, construction paper, scissors, glue, stickers, markers, pencils, envelopes, stamps, ribbon.
  3. Words to Know : Writing down words that are commonly used on cards is helpful for them and you. Words like -Thank you, from, to, and names of people.

On a day that there is some extra time have them start to decorate a card for later use. It’s especially nice to have those extra cards ready during Christmas or Birthdays when they get numerous gifts and the card writing can get overwhelming.

Do you have your kids write thank you notes? Do you have any additional tips?



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