April 3 in 30 Goals


Photo by claire

I almost didn’t write any goals this month, because we’re moving. Isn’t packing up a whole house and moving it enough? Well, yes, it is, but I figured there is always going to be something going on. It’s time to not let that something get in the way of goals I want to reach. The other reason I decided to post my goals is encouragement from my husband. Thanks hon!

  1. Drink 84 oz. of water at least 5 days a week. I have been drinking more water this year, but have you heard the latest on water drinking? It’s not just 6-8 glasses a day, anymore. They say you should have half your body weight in oz. per day. That’s a lot. I have been able to drink that much, but haven’t really done it consistently. Now’s the time.
  2. Memorize Romans 5:12-15. This was part of my March goals but I failed. So, this month I’m going to try again with a smaller goal in mind.
  3. Declutter while packing. The nice thing about moving is being able to go through your things. You can decide whether their worth packing in a box and moving to a new location. I’m looking forward to simplifying.

What are your goals this month?

3in30 Challenge

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