Getting Out of My Box

Sharing my life on this little place in cyberspace is pretty easy for me to do. I’m just typing the words onto my screen. I’m not having to actually come up with the words in a face to face conversation. That is hard, and I like the easy life.

This weekend I got out my box. I got out of this computer box where I do a lot of my socializing and went face to face. It all started a couple of weeks ago when I saw the invitation to (in)RL. The premise is to meet these cyber friends in real life. These people who live in your real community, meet face to face. We all share a common heavenly Father, now let’s come together as the sisters we are.

It was really nerve racking for me. I had reasons I shouldn’t sign up.
I’m too introverted, so I’ll have a hard time talking when I get there. I don’t know anyone. We’re moving that week, so I’m just too busy.

My husband encouraged me to just do it, so I did.

I had little time to think about it much the next week, since I was trying to get all our belongings moved. Then it was done. We were all moved and I had time to think.

Then came more excuses. I have so much to unpack and catch up on. I really shouldn’t go. I don’t know anybody. Who would want to meet me anyway? I was stuck in a crappy attitude all week and wasn’t sure if I could handle going into a crowded room with a bunch of women I didn’t know.

I went. I met some women that I had only seen on twitter, read their blog, and some I had never met at all, but they’re my neighbors. Isn’t this a crazy time we live in where we meet friends on the computer and find they live 5-10 minutes away!

I was not the only one there who had fears. I was there with normal women, women who have fears, women who have crazy lives like mine, some of them blog about it, and some don’t. We were all there together daughters of one Father, sisters relating to one another.

We heard some amazing testimonies of community and how God can work and show himself through it, via the (in)rl video. We shared coffee, chocolate, laughter, and some tears. We also had the opportunity to win some amazing prizes from Dayspring. I won this awesome coffee cup.

She didn’t have to be perfect because she was… Perfectly Loved {1 John 4:8}

I am excited to do this again. Maybe some of these sisters can come to my house next time. I am most excited that these online friends are now faces that I’ve seen.

Thank you God for courage to make new friends!

Thank you (in)courage for putting this un-conference together!

Thank you Allison and Anna for being the sweetest hosts!

5 thoughts on “Getting Out of My Box

  1. Finding this post via your SITS comment on my Facebook page! I felt very much the same – being brave and getting out there. I was hosting do I think that made it easier – I couldn’t chicken out!


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