Help a Burdened Family with Yard Work


Days upon days may go by in a burdened life and things get left to the side, because more important things are at the forefront. One of the things that can be left to sit is yard work. Usually not much harm is done by letting grass grow longer or letting weeds grow. But, if you think about how many “weeds” are already clouding a burdened family’s life, taking care of their yard may just help brighten their day a little.

Mowing Grass. Most people who own a house have some grass that most likely needs to be mowed at least weekly. It’s an easy job that most adults or a teenager could get done. Coming home to a newly mown yard is a refreshing sight.

Raking Leaves. Depending on the number of trees they have, this could be a small or large task. The great thing is a whole family or a couple of families can work together to get this task done, to simplify things for a burdened family.

Shoveling Snow. If you live in a colder climate, snow removal is something you have to deal with. As you are taking care of your snow, think about what other family you might be able to bless by clearing their sidewalks or driveways. It may even help them get out quicker in times of emergencies.

Weed Gardens. Weeds never stop. A burdened family has plenty of things to deal with already, you  can make their yard stay prettier by taking care of those weeds.

Water Plants. A burdened family may be gone for days at a time for hospital stays or be physically unable to get out and water the outdoor plants. Keep their yard looking great by stopping by to water plants and grass every few days.

Plant Flowers. I remember when my grandmother was sick and my mom had us go over and plant flowers in her flower bed. She thoroughly appreciated having that done for her and I think seeing that beauty each time she went on her front step, brought her a little joy and beauty during a troubled time.

Taking care of yard work may not seem like a big help to a burdened family, but it may be.  It is something that you don’t necessarily need talent for and anyone of any age can help with. It also has the potential to bring a little beauty and happiness during a burdened time.



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