Mr. Mischief

Joel is a very busy boy. If he’s quiet and I can’t see him it means I better go check on him. More times than not he is getting into something. Here are some of his latest ventures.

Jonathan found him the other morning getting into the fridge, again. This time he wasn’t taking a bite out of an apple or stealing a grape. He was drinking Mommy’s Hazelnut coffee creamer. YUM!

One Sunday Jonathan was working and I was trying to get everyone ready for church. I go check on Joel because I hear him in the bathroom and since he is not potty trained there is no reason he should be in there. I go in there and find him pumping the hand soap all over the counter, continuing to drip on the floor.

About 20 minutes later Abigail calls from her bedroom and says that Joel has blood all over his face. I run and sure enough Joel has finally picked his nose too much. He does have blood all over his face, and his hands…and his church clothes…and Abigail’s bed. Oh, what a morning.

Later that night Jonathan had to work again. So I was looking on the map for a park for the kids to be able to get out of the house and have some fun. Abigail comes to me and tells me Joel is in the kitchen playing with soap. So I go to clean up whatever little soap mess he had made. Well, this was no little mess. He had opened the dishwasher and put some soap where it was supposed to go… to overflowing. He then preceded to put some soap where the steam vents out which made a nice puddle on the floor too. (It continued to make a puddle on the floor the next 5 or so times I opened it.) So I figure the easiest way to clean it up is to run the dishwasher, hoping it doesn’t bubble over.

We ended up staying to make sure it ran okay. Which it did, then I had time to think. I am about ready to lose it at this point. Usually I would call some relief in to take the kids away from their frazzled mother. But that is not an option anymore. So I decided to just get out of the house and bring them to a new park. Which was a great idea. I got to sit and they got to explore a new park.

Fifteen minutes into it Joel’s nose starts bleeding heavily again. Do I have tissues? No. Anything? Two wipes that didn’t last long. So we loaded up in the van and used his shirt. It stopped by the time we got home and that was pretty much the end to our crazy day.

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