Raspberry Jam

This summer I had the pleasure of bringing my kids to Great Grandma Mix’s house and picking from her garden. She has always had raspberry bushes (at least as far as I can remember). I think they have multiplied a bit over the years. So, we brought home plenty of raspberries. I decided to make raspberry jam because it’s pretty easy and because we use it a lot being peanut butter and jelly fans.
I didn’t write down the recipe, but it’s easy. Just buy a box of Sure-Jell and it will tell you how to make whatever jam you want to make. I do know that you need LOTS of sugar. I also bought some nifty plastic “jars” made for jam, which makes the process really easy. The jam is great because I have the satisfaction of knowing I made it myself, I know the ingredients, it’s cheaper, and it tastes OH so good!

Rating: Four thumbs up out of Five. Jonathan doesn’t like raspberries. I know… weirdo.

Any other berrylicious recipes you like?

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