Much Ado About Strawberries: Part One

Before going strawberry picking, I knew for sure that I would want to make jam because we eat a lot of pbj at our house.  Last year I made raspberry jam, but Jonathan doesn’t like raspberries, so he requested some strawberry jam and I was happy to comply.

When we got home with our 33 lbs. of berries we immediately started hulling and washing, hulling and washing,hulling and … you get the idea. Then I tried chopping them in our magic bullet but it just came out pureed, which was a little too soupy for our jam.

So, I decided to make popsicles with the pureed berries.

I tried using the potato masher to mash the berries for the jam and that worked good.  I was able to get some helpers with that too. Then I realized, that I had forgotten to buy pectin.  So, off to the store we went.

I bought 5 boxes and stocked up on sugar.  (I just followed the recipe in the box for freezer jam.)  I eventually  had to send Jonathan out to get me  more pectin and some additional jars.  About 10 boxes of pectin later I finished the jam.  I’m thinking it will last until next strawberry season.  And it has to be said, fresh strawberry jam is SO much better than any store bought!

I still had about 12 lbs of strawberries left.

To be continued…

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