My Deals of the Day

Since we’ve moved, I have a new favorite store. SAVERS!!!  I just love going there. I used to like Goodwill, but Savers is SO much better. Instead of having their clothes categorized by color (like Goodwill), they do it by size! Who would’ve thunk? 😉 That makes it so much easier to find what I want. Since I don’t like shopping in the first place, I need the searching to be as easy as possible.

The other great thing that Savers does is it’s 50% off days. We went to our first one on Memorial Day and it was great, but crazy! There were so many people there! Not to mention the lines to the fitting rooms!

Well, I finally got smart, or just plain remembered to sign up for their Savers Club and I am so glad I did, because I got an email a few days ago saying that I could come a day early  to shop for the 50% off Labor Day Sale, since I am a member. So, I did and it was even better than the first time. There were a lot fewer people and nobody in the fitting rooms.

Here’s what we scored:

Jonathan: 2 golf shirts

Paula: 3 skirts, boots, 5 shirts, jeans

Abigail: jeans and shoes

Lydia: jeans

Joel: 3 shirts

I figured that the price for all this new would be $400 or more.

Savers price was $102.

Plus 50% off…

So my GRAND TOTAL was $51.00.

The deals were great, but I have been even more blessed by a husband who can handle shopping better than me. By God’s grace, the kids behaved well the whole hour and a half we were there.

Are you going to shop the 50% sale tomorrow?

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