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Bless a Family with More than a Main Dish


Bringing someone a meal is a-mazing all by itself, but it’s easy to take it one step further and bring a little extra. Instead of bringing the normal supper meal, how about some other options. Families usually eat more than casseroles every day. Here are some ideas to bless a family in some extra ways, besides a main dish:

  • Side dish-If you don’t have any vegetables in your dish, grab a bag of baby carrots, or frozen vegetables. Those are easy enough to add to any meal. Another filling addition is some yummy bread or dinner rolls.
  • Breakfast-Two friends surprised us by bringing breakfast by. One brought several bags of muffins for us to grab out of the freezer. Another asked what we liked and brought us cereal, milk, and eggs.
  • Favorite snacks– It’s always fun to include something special you know they love. Several friends asked about our son’s favorite snacks and sent them. Chocolate is usually a good choice for women.
  • Dessert– Adding cookies, even store bought is a fun treat, especially if you’re bringing a meal for a family with kids. Who am I kidding, I love cookies too. Sometimes, I’ll whip up some cookie dough and flash freeze a dozen scoops, so they can have fresh cookies.
  • Drink– Bringing something to drink is a nice bonus, helping their groceries last longer. Milk or juice are pretty commonly brought.
  • Grocery staples– How about just filling their cupboards. You can call and ask what they need or just surprise them. Bread, milk, cheese, eggs, canned goods, and/or paper products are all great staples that you really can’t have too much of.

Again, don’t feel like you’re not doing enough by bringing only a main dish. A burdened family does not have time or energy to judge. They are just thankful for your service to their family, in any shape that it comes.



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