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Help a Burdened Family with Housework


Laundry, Dishes, Dust, those are things that never stop, even when a family is going through a burdened time. They can seem to pile up faster, because they are not able to be addressed, because of time and energy constraints. Not every burdened family will want help in these areas, but some can’t move forward without the help. Many times when we had someone helping with the kids, they would just find or ask how else they could help with housework.

5  Household Tasks to Help With

  • Wash the Dishes. Not having a dishwasher, this was the biggest help for us. Even though I used paper dishes for the majority of my son’s illness, there always seemed to be something in the sink.
  • Clean the Floors. Sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping may be left to the wayside during a burdened time. It can be an easy job for someone to help with.
  • Dust. I honestly don’t think dusting is necessarily a priority, but it might be if there are allergies or the family hasn’t been able to do it for an extended time. Plus it’s just one simple way you can help out and bless someone.
  • Clean the Bathrooms. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. When a mom is on bed rest or away from home, I know having someone do that job would be humbling but SO helpful.
  • Laundry. Everyone wears and dirties clothes. Be a blessing by getting a load started in the washer or folding the clean laundry that might be sitting out.

Walking into a kitchen of freshly washed dishes or a clean dining room floor, will make the day of any burdened parent. When a family is going through a burdened time, taking care of basic things, like housework, can be a great blessing.


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