Camping Day 1

We have been talking all summer about possibly going on a camping trip to South Dakota and we actually did it.  It was our first REAL vacation as a family.  (We’d been on fake vacations where we visit family so this was different). After many days of packing, laundering and buying what we needed we were ready… or so we thought.  After driving a few miles we had to go back and get what we had forgotten… and then again after the same few miles were driven “Pillows!”  Then we were on our way.  We drove about 4 hours to Sioux Falls.  We were tent camping and since this was our first big trip away  I thought KOA would best fit what we need, and of course they did.  We wanted bathrooms with showers(that we didn’t have to pay quarters to use.) Electricity, and don’t stone me…WIFI.  You see Jonathan was still in class as he vacationed.  The guy never really gets a break.  He does all his classes online and is enduring  a math class at the moment.

We get to the KOA and the first thing the kids see is… a playground!!!  So they set off to play and we set up and get lunch ready-easy peasy PBJ.  About 10 minutes in I hear Joel coming back from the playground, crying hard.  After he calms down a little he tells us that a boy at the playground hit him in the face with his sock- that was full of sand.  His face seemed okay just a little pink where he got hit.  I let Jonathan take over the situation while I finish lunch prep.  Jonathan was able to employ his peacemaker training by helping the boys reconcile.

After lunch we went to Sioux Falls.  It was beautiful!  We climbed the tower there to get the full view.  Then the kids had lots of fun climbing around the rocks peering at the waterfall.

Next we went to the Life Light Festival.  A friend was working there and told us to come check it out.  It was pretty cool.  Think Sonshine only a lot BIGGER.

It was about supper time so we went back to camp.  The kids wanted to go to the playground again, so this time Mama Bear went with.  The same boy was there again and he immediately apologized to Joel and played nice the whole time.  Yeah!

For supper we warmed up some Sloppy Joes and chowed down.  Then we walked around the camp and decided to play some Mini Golf.  We all had fun and Jonathan won the winning title.

We went back to camp and started our fire for S’mores.  Yum.  Then it was time for bed and the kids went to sleep listening to Jonathan read the first chapter of “The Hobbit”.

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2 thoughts on “Camping Day 1

  1. What wonderful memories you are making. You are also living the christian life for the children to copy – Keep up the wonderful parenting and loving each other.
    Love you


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