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Bonus Tips for Bringing Food to Bless


Bringing someone a meal is one of the biggest blessings you can give, when you don’t know how to help. Of course, bringing a meal is plenty. Adding some other non main dish food items can be another big help, to keep them well equipped and nourished during a stressful time. There are just a few things that I would add to make it easier on a burdened family.

Four Bonus Tips When Bringing a Meal

  1. Disposable Baking Dish. When a bringing a burdened family a meal, do your best to bring it in a dish you don’t need back. That will save them from clutter of other peoples dishes, trying to remember which one belongs to who, and having to take time to return it.
  2. Disposable Dishes. I honestly went to Costco and stocked up on paper bowls and plates, while my son was going through cancer treatments. I prefer not to be wasteful like that, but sometimes it’s necessary for sanity. Helping a burdened family by lessening the dirty dish load, can help them spend time on more important things.
  3. Include a Recipe. This will not only be helpful in knowing what ingredients are in your meal and knowing how to bake it, but also for when they want to make your delicious meal again.
  4. Consider their time and circumstance. Being part of a meal train can help a lot with knowing when would be a good day and time to bring them a meal. Also keep in mind what would be helpful when you bring the meal. Should you do a quick drop? Do they need some helpful words or prayer? Maybe it would be helpful for you to stay and assist during the meal with a baby or other children?

Have you ever been brought a meal during a difficult time? What other helpful tips would you suggest?

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